Research of the Biophysics of complex systems group is currently dealing with the structural and dynamical study of biological systems by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and more particularly complex biomolecular assemblies.
We are developing methodological tools to address biological questions, mainly centered on endocytosis. We also combine NMR with high performance computing based on the use of GPU hardware and molecular dynamics methods/free energy calculations. We have access to a biochemistry lab to prepare isotope labeled proteins. To achieve NMR and modeling studies, a Varian Inova 600 spectrometer, a 88 processors SGI Altix XE320 as well as a 4X Nvidia GTX 980Ti cluster are available.

Recent Highlights

  • Study of protein-protein interactions using solution NMR in the specific cases of quaternary complexes showing cooperative interaction
  • Probing Exchange dynamics of a quaternary protein structure of more than 80 KDa molecular weight using isotope-aided NMR

Contact: O. Walker, Assistant professor – Group leader – olivier.walker[@]isa-lyon.fr