The group  shares 3 NMR spectrometers, computing devices and biochemical facility whith other groups at ISA to carry out its research.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometers

  • NMR spectrometer 600MHz – Varian Inova with triple resonance HCN cryoprobe 1H and 13C enhanced
  • NMR spectrometer 400MHz – Bruker Avance III HD
  • NMR spectrometer 300MHz – Avance I

Computer systems

  • 15 GPU Nvidia devices (including 8 Pascal 1080 series in 4 GPU serveurs)
  • Cluster of 92 CPU’s in 11 nodes (8 Altix, 3 Sunfire), with a file and virtual machine server

Preparative and analytical biochemistry

  • Recombinant protein expression and  protein stable-isotope labeling
  • Analytical electrophoresis including the use of microsystems (Agilent Bio-Analyzer)
  • Preparative LC chromatography for protein purification (Akta Prime GE Healthcare) and biochemical cold room.