Key research effort of the group is the control of surface physico-chemical properties using a large set of surface analysis (spectroscopy, microscopy, wettability) and surface modification (a.o. micro-nanostructuration) techniques. Original methodologies are developed including the application of various soft-lithography techniques for high resolution and high density 2D and 3D patterns.

Development of surface analysis methodologies
Our expertise in microscopy techniques (AFM, SEM) and surface spectroscopy (ToF-SIMS, XPS, SEM-EDS, FTIR,…), physical chemistry (wettabillity, tensiometry) allows an accurate characterization of the changes made to surface properties. We develop surface analysis methodologies to understand the mechanisms involved in various high technology functionalization / coatings intended for future industrial applications.

Original, simple, cost effective methodologies for tailored micro-nano-structuration of materials
We have a specific expertise in surface functionalization and modification by using various plasma discharges. We develop soft lithography techniques to achieve localization of deposits onto various substrate surfaces, especially polymer surfaces. We develop original protocols for high resolution outputs using micro-contact printing/micro-molding transfer on organic, inorganic and metal substrates.

Recent highlights

  • new surface analysis methodologies for the development of antimicrobial textiles; photocatalytic hybrid coatings; core-shell particles from ‘real’ latexes; original protocoles to study the release of polymer additives from pharmaceutical packaging,…
  • innovative processes for locating metal track on polymers and surface treatment of polymers to promote practical adhesion of these tracks
  • 2 patents: on the localized transfer of Pd-Based species using micro-contact printing (WO 2014128186 A1); on the µCP transfer of polar species and the optimization of very high resolution µCP (WO 2014128187 A1).

Contact: Pr. Didier LEONARD, Group leader – didier.leonard[@]