The group used to have collaboration with the research unité MALY from INRAE, the Insitute of Nanotechnologies of Lyon (INL), ILM, the CEA…The group is involved in the following projects.

Ongoing projects

ANALYTAGUIX – Analytical characterization of hybrid nanoparticles for clinical trial 2018-2022
Funded by ANR, program “Recherche translationnelle en santé” – ANR website
Coord. O. Tillement (ILM) – Consortium: Institut Lumière Matière (ILM UMR 5306), Institut des Sciences Analytiques (ISA UMR 5280 – A. Hagège), Theraguix, Glincs


Development of GC systems for industrial analysis and laboratory analysis
The main targets of this topic are related to size and analysis time reduction in order to carry out gas analysis according to industry requirements. New original tools are designed based on monolithic capillary columns, with operating pressure as high as 60 bar. Such integrated device operate in non-conventional GC conditions (very short column, high pressure, high gradient rate, fast detector).

Preliminary results obtained with capillaries designed in TechSep team (see figure) have already demonstrated the ability to separate industrial mixtures in short time (less than 15 s) taking into account the instrumental constraints. The fundamental part of the research project aims to understand separation processes with high pressure of carrier gas which lead to original selectivity control and high efficiency. Several monolithic columns with controlled surface properties are designed, hyphenated with specific injectors and detectors, and used to solve analytical problems encountered by the industrial partners of the project.



Project nano-WAC
The project nano-WAC aims to develop a new miniaturized affinity chromatography-based technology (nano-WAC) that will enable the innovative ligand-screening against native membrane proteins (MPs), notably G protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs). Our strategy, based on the combination of the separation/detection powers of affinity chromatography and mass spectrometry (nano-WAC-MS), will open the way to the screening of fragment library for the identification of weak affinity fragments in the context of the Fragment Based Drug Discovery approach

Funded by the French National Research Agency – ANR
Coordination: Claire Demesmay from the Separative Methods group at ISA
Partners :

  • Jean-louis Baneres (Cell Pharmacology group, Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron. This group holds a world-class expertise in the production of functional purified GPCRs, including GHSR
  • Renaud Wagner, heading a technological platform, IMPReSs (Integral Membrane Proteins Research and Services), is an expert of the bio-production, purification and characterization developments of GPCRs.
  • Isabelle Krimm, leader of the group Small molecules for biological targets at The Cancer Research Center of Lyon. She has a strong expertise in the characterization of protein-ligand complexes and fragment-based screening by NMR, with a 1000 fragment library developed at ISA



Project AffinHit – 2020
Funded by ICL
The project aims to assess the potential of miniaturized low affinity chromatography for the separation of glycoclusters from combinatorial libraries and quantification of their affinity for immobilized lectins.

Partners: Laurent Vial /Julien Leclaire (Equipe Chimie Supramoléculaire Appliquée, ICBMS – UMR5246).


Chiral separation on monolith
Research collaboration with the University of Rouen


Development of GC systems for industrial analysis and laboratory analysis
Research collaboration with the Lyon Institute of non-carbon energy and eco-technologies (IDEEL)

Coupling separative techniques with innovative action MS techniques

Research collaboration with ILM UMR 5306 (I. Compagnon)
Online coupling HILIC-IRMPD : On-line separation and identification of isomers using Infrared multiple photodissociation ion spectroscopy coupled to liquid chromatography. Application to the analysis of disaccharides regio-isomers and monosaccharide anomers.



Off-line coupling ITP – IRMPD
Research collaboration with ILM UMR 5306 (I. Compagnon)
Off-line coupling of capillary isotachophoresis separation to IRMPD spectroscopy for glycosaminoglycans analysis: Application to the chondroitin sulfate disaccharides model solutes



Completed projects

POTOMAC – Potential Toxicity of pesticides in Continental Aquatic Environments
Funded by ANR, program CESA – Duration: 42 months from march 2012 to sept. 2015
Partners: UR MALY – IRSTEA (N. Mazella coordinator), UR REBX – IRSTEA, UMR CARRTEL – INRA, UMR 5805 EPOC, UMR 5280 – Institute of Analytical Science (ISA)
summary on ANR web site

Photochemical grafting and development of analytical applications
Funded by CMCU (Tunisian part) France Campus (French part)- PHC Utique – Research staff exchange program
Tunisian partners: Laboratory Methods and Analysis Techniques – INRAP, Interfaces and Advanced Materials Laboratory – University of Monastir
French partners : Laboratory of Automatic Control and Chemical Engineering – UMR 5007, Institute of Analytical Science – UMR 5280

NanoLC separations for the analysis of post petroleum fuels
collaboration with the IFPEN

Lab-on-chip for volumetric determination of free acidity in nuclear solutions

collaboration with the CEA

Analysis of 14C, 129I, 36Cl in nuclear fuel
collaboration with the CEA

Hyphenation of cIEF-MS with immobilized carrier ampholytes
collaboration with the Institute of organic chemistry and biochemistry at Prague in Czech Republic

Monolith as promising tools for highly complex separation of pharmaceutical compounds
collaboration with Servier