At the forefront of miniaturized separation sciences for twenty years, the Techsep team innovates daily to bring original solutions to increasingly complex analytical issues. The team’s unique expertise in France in the synthesis of monolithic stationary phases in miniaturized format allows it to explore new analytical tracks in both liquid (Nano LC, electrokinetic techniques) and gas chromatography. In addition to the strong expertise in miniaturized separation methods and their coupling to various detection modes, this unique skill in dedicated materials design gives the team a global analytical approach regarding integrated miniaturized tools and even automated.
Besides improvement of the academic knowledges, three main applications are currently highlighted:

  • High performance gas chromatography (HPGC) based on the use of filled small capillary columns adapted to high potential industrial applications. The use of filled column in a modified gas chromatography system supports the application of carrier gas pressure up to 60 bars. These systems avoids the sample decompressing issues during injection step and thus to limit any change in the relative composition of the sample.
  • Characterization of protein / metal interactions. Application to vectorization and monitoring of drugs (metal compounds for therapeutic and / or diagnostic purposes) and to the diagnosis of the toxicity of endogenous metals (neurodegenerative diseases).
  • Characterization of Membrane Protein / Ligand Interactions. Application to Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD).

Recent highlights

  • First proof of feasibility of fragments screening against membrane proteins using miniaturized weak-affinity columns.
  • Development and application of a new in-line couplings of miniaturized boronate affinity monolithic columns with electrokinetic separation methods for the selective enrichment and analysis of cis-diol-containing neurotransmitters.
  • Hyphenation of short monolithic silica capillary column with vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy detector for fast light hydrocarbons separation

Contact: Vincent DUGAS, Group leader – vincent.dugas[@]