The SMART axis brings together the human and instrumental forces of four research groups to develop advanced analytical methodologies and miniaturized devices for the rapid and sensitive detection of molecules and/or the fine characterization of objects, surfaces or interactions.

The proposed devices include chemical sensors and biosensors, integrated separation systems, microsystems and labs-on-a-chip, to be used for rapid tests and high throughput screening in controlled laboratory settings, or for analysis in more variable environments (on-line, on-site, in-vivo).

The developments rely on the internationally recognized expertise of the groups in the elaboration of new materials with specific properties (organic, inorganic and composites), surface engineering (micro and nano-structuration, chemical functionalization and biofunctionalization), as well as advanced characterization of surfaces, innovative methods in nanotechnology and systems integration.

Research activities of the groups provide analytical solutions in a broad range of applications fields including health (early diagnostics, e-health, screening of protein/ligand interactions), food safety (detection of contaminants) and environment (detection of pollutants or biomarkers).


Axis Coordinators


Interfaces & Biosensors

The main activities of the group are focused on the conception and elaboration of biofunctionnalized microdevices for biosensing , medical diagnosis and therapeutic applications. For sensing applications, we design and engineer surfaces and layers, including recognizing (bio)molecule layers, well adapted to various electrochemical transducers (amperometric, conductometric, impedancemetric, etc.). The team has acquired a strong expertise […]


Micro & Nanobiotechnology

Within the fields of nanobioscience, micro&nanotechnology, electrical engineering, and applied physics the group develops biosensors and unconventional micro&nanotechnologies to create flexible analytical tools based on BioLab-on-chips, micro/nanosensors, micromixers, and microfilters. These innovative tools, designed to be suitable for large-scale production at low cost have application in healthcare and life sciences, ranging from uncovering and diagnosing […]


Separative Methods

At the forefront of miniaturized separation sciences for twenty years, the Techsep team innovates daily to bring original solutions to increasingly complex analytical issues. The team’s unique expertise in France in the synthesis of monolithic stationary phases in miniaturized format allows it to explore new analytical tracks in both liquid (Nano LC, electrokinetic techniques) and […]



Key research effort of the group is the control of surface physico-chemical properties using a large set of surface analysis (spectroscopy, microscopy, wettability) and surface modification (a.o. micro-nanostructuration) techniques. Original methodologies are developed including the application of various soft-lithography techniques for high resolution and high density 2D and 3D patterns. Development of surface analysis methodologies […]