The group develops large databases for the identification and authentication of natural and bio-based products as well as comprehensive multi-technique analyses in order to determine origins of contamination or to detect and quantify undesirable products especially in food, natural and bio-based products or environmental matrices. These methodologies have application within the fields of Agricultural and foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and environmental issues.

We develop separation methods, identification and enantioselective analysis applied to natural or processed products (e.g. aromatic and medicinal plants, flavours, bioactive compounds, raw materials used for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics …) for both authenticity and quality control or undesirable products specific detection and quantification.

Based on our expertise in multi parametric methods including measurements of stable isotope ratios (IRMS), classical parameters and Principal Component Analysis (PCA), we now develop IRMS methods coupling with Ionic Chromatography (IC) applied on organic molecules like amino acids, organic acids or steroids. Such methods allow the assessment of geographical origins without ambiguity (eg. for organic labels). Moreover, we develop methods for identification of Biotechnology / Bioconversion / Bio-based process.

Recent hightlights

  • methods for Physisochemical analysis of royal jelly for constituents distribution and production practice determination
  • a liquid chromatographic method for identification and quantification of Furocoumarins (FCs) (photo sensitizers and flavouring agent for cosmetic and perfume products)
  • involvement in normalization activities: eg. Members of the international working group on ISOTC34/WG13 royal jelly (2010 – 2014) and of the technical committee (CEN/TC411) on bio-based products to the European Committee for Standardization (2012-present)

Contact: Dr. CASABIANCA Hervé, Group leader – herve.casabianca[@]