The Isotopic and organic plateform is involved in the following collaborative research projects

Natural origin authenticity assessment

Methods development for authentication (purity, naturalness) of essential oils (2018-2021).
Ongoing CIFRE thesis (co-supervision P. Jame) in partnership with Albertvieille company

Research for Environment and Health

EXTRACTIF – Extraction et analyse en continu des inclusions fluides (2020)
Funded under the program Defi ISOTOP by CNRS-MITI – coordination by V. Gardien (LGL UMR 5276)
Consortium : Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon UMR 5276 – Institut des Sciences Analytiques UMR5280 (P. Jame) – Laboratoire d’Ecologie des Hydrosystèmes Naturels et Anthropisés LEHNA UMR5023

ISOFLUXMODEL – Quantification Isotopique de flux métaboliques pour la modélisation à l’échelle du génome (2020)
Funded under the program Defi ISOTOP by CNRS-MITI – coordination by A. Vigneron (CRCL UMR5286)
Consortium : Centre de recherche en cancérologie de Lyon CRCL UMR 5286 – Institut des Sciences Analytiques UMR5280 (P. Jame)

COMPIC Environmental impact of super absorbing polymers (SAP) after composting cycle (2018-2020)
Funded under the program GRAINE by ADEME. Coordination by K Sato (Halage)

RNSP National Networks for the Surveillance of the Chemical Quality of Aquatic Environments (2018-2019)
Coordination by IRSTEA

OPEN-BIO – Opening bio-based markets via standards, labelling and procurement (2013-2016) – web site
Funded under FP7-KBBE – grant agreement n°613677
Consortium: Netherlands Standardization Institute (coordination), Stichting Energy Research Centre Netherlands, University of York – Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, nova-Institut, Organic Waste Systems, Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research, LEI Wageningen UR, Agricultural University of Athens, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR), Technische Universität Berlin, HYDRA Institut für Meereswissenschaften, Novamont, Institute of Analytical Science – UMR 5280, LeAF.