Organic elemental analysis

  • Carbon-Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen Micro-Analysers (Prototype-Métrologie-Maintenance Group at ISA)
  • Total organic Carbon, inorganic Carbon – Analyzer TOC 5050 Shimadzu
  • Carbon Sulfur Analyzer SC144 Leco
  • Nitrogen Oxygen Analyzer EMGA 620W Horiba
  • Carbon Sulfur Analyzer INDUCTAR Elementar
  • Halogens elemental analyzer
  • Analyses of Cl, Br, F and S traces – Automated mineralization instrument AQF100 (Mitsubishi) connected to INTEGRION Ionic Chromatography (Thermo Scientific)

Ionic Chromatography

  • ICS 5000 (Thermo Scientific)

Isotopic analysis

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS) and coupling

  • TC/EA (H/O Elemental analyzer) – Delta V Advantage IRMS (Thermo Scientific)
  • Double coupling: Flash HT (C/N Elemental analyzer) or Ionic Chromatography ICS5000 – interface LC Isolink-co (chemical oxidation) – Delta V Plus IRMS (Thermo Scientific)
  • Trace GC Ultra – interface GC Combustion III – Delta V Advantage IRMS (Thermo Scientific)
  • GC 6890N GC (Agilent) – interface GC5 MK1 – Isoprime100 GV IRMS (Elementar GMBH)
  • GC Trace 1310 – ISQ MS- interface GC Isolink II – Delta V Plus IRMS (Thermo Scientific)

Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectroscopy (IRIS)

  • 2H-18O IWA-45-EP H2O OA-ICOS Laser (Los Gatos Reasearch)
  • 13C-18O CCIA-38-EP CO2 OA-ICOS (Laser Los Gatos Reasearch) .This device is the property of Radiocarbone Laboratory