The group has collaborative projects with different partners (academic and industrial) as follows

Characterization of new therapeutic molecules

  • Multi-dimensional analysis of synthetic drug intermediates  in partnership with Oril Industrie
  • Characterization of the various forms of therapeutic molecules such as proteins, mAbs, ADCs (isomers, variants, drug-to-antibody ratio). Use of bottom up, middle up and top down approaches in partnership with Pierre Fabre (since 2015), University of Genova (since 2015), University of Strasbourg (since 2017), Sanofi Pasteur (since 2018) and Agilent Technologies (since 2018)

Valorization of bio-based products

  • Authenticity of natural adjuvants for vaccine production in partnership with Extrasynthese since 2018
  • Isolation from biomass of relevant unknown compounds for structural elucidation (NMR), reference material fabrication and valorization process in partnership with IRCELYON since 2018
  • Characterization of biomass products in partnership with IFPEN since 2014

Monitoring process quality in complex media

  • Controlling wastewater recycling process in the context of industrial effluents in partnership with Oril Industrie since 2018
  • Confirmation of batch-to batch quality in reaction media in partnership with Solvay from 2016 to 2018
  • On-line analysis of reaction media in UHPLC in partnership whith AxelOne Analysis since 2018
  • Development of new two-dimensional separations for characterizing complex industrial samples in partnership with Solvay since 2017