Funded projects and collaborations:

  • ICP MS/MS hyphenation for the speciation of key elements (Ni, S, V) in petroleum products, collaboration IFPEN 2016/actual
  • LIBS new analyser for trace analysis of kraft pulp, collaboration with Munksjo 2017/2018
  • Ultra trace analysis in complex crystals to assert crystal quality and origin with Cristal’innov 2016/actual
  • Coupling integrative passive sampling and trace metal analysis and their speciation: ECO2 Funded program with IRSTEA 2014/2018
  • TRISUR Fast Libs analysis for the determination of key metals in used catalysts. CMI Funded project with EURECAT and IFPEN 2014/2015
  • INnoval LIBS new on line analyser for critical elements (Sulfur, Nickel, Vanadium, Platinum ..) determination in process control, FUI Funded project with IFPEN, Arkema, Bluestar, Solvay 2010/2014
  • SIPIBEL survey of hospital wastewater treatment impact on pharmaceuticals discharges 2012/2014