Our main equipments:

  • ICP-OES ICAP Radial Thermo
  • ICP-OES ICAP axial Thermo
  • ICP-OES Acxial Vista Agilent
  • ICP-OES JY138 axial prototype HoribaJobinYvon
  • ICP-QMS X-serie Thermo
  • ICP-CCT-QMS X-SerieII Thermo
  • ICP-HR-MS ElementXR Thermo
  • ICP-MS/MS Agilent 8800

Laser ablation

  • NewWave UP213
  • LinaSpark TM

Laser induced spectroscopy

  • Mobilibs II Ivea

Lasers and spectrometers for LIBS

  • Minilite Continuum, OceanOptics, HoribaJobinYvon

Sample preparation & Chromatography

Milestone Ethos and Ultrawave; LC Surveyor Thermo and 1290 Agilent, GC 6890 Agilent