The “Plasma spectroscopies, hyphenation& speciation” group develops new spectroscopic tools and their hyphenations. Elemental and isotopic fingerprints are essential to identify a sample, its geographical origin or even to trace a specific process. Speciation studies on key elements are important to evaluate the element fate in the environment.
The group carries out innovative developments using Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), ICP-HRMS and ICP-MS/MS. Our works in Speciation are focused on development of analytical methodologies based on innovative hyphenated techniques such as GC/LC –ICP/MS and LC2D – ICP-MS/MS.
Research are ranging from new instrumental design to increase sensitivity and rate of analysis to the evaluation of new tracers using new chemometric tools to extract the spectral information. The main application fields are in environment, authenticity and health.

Recent Highlights:

  • Geographical origin of tea explained by LIBS elemental profile combined to isotopic information
  • Investigation of the potential of the ICP-MS/MS for elemental and speciation analysis in petroleum products
  • Classification of wines according to their production regions using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
  • Biomonitoring chronic lead exposure among battery manufacturing workers

Contact: Dr. Nicole GILON-DELEPINE, Group leader – nicole.delepinegilon[@]