Isabelle Compagnon, researcher at the Institute of Lights and Matter, will give a lecture entitled “Adding a spectroscopic dimension to Mass Spectrometry: Fundamental aspects of carbohydrate structure and application to de novo sequencing” on the 26th november at the Institute of Analytical Science (11 am – in seminar room – no required registration for attending the conference)

Abstract: The development of MS-based methods that are capable of distinguishing between closely related isomers is key for glycan analysis, as both the constituting monosaccharides and the glycosidic bonds feature numerous isomeric forms. The coupling of MS and vibrational spectroscopy, although not commercially available today, is now regarded as one promising addition to the glycomics toolkit and offers sufficient structural resolution to resolve minute molecular features. Finally, the possibility to derive the sequence of the glycan from the structure of its fragments suggests that unknown glycans can be identified, even in absence of referenced standards.