The 4th May 2017, 3 lectures will be given at ISA:

  • Protein sequence-based predictions from NMR data by Prof. Wim Vranken from Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Characterisation of intrinsically disordered proteins and their dynamic complexes by Dr. Malene Ringkjobing Jensen from Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS Grenoble)
  • Monitoring Protein Unfolding with High-Pressure NMR.” by Prof. Christian Roumestand from  Centre de Biochimie Structurale (CBS Montpellier)

The  lecturers are invited by the group “computational structural Biology” lead by Torsten Herrmann, CNRS research Director.

The conferences will begin at 10 am, thanks to present yourself at the reception desk 10 minutes before.

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