The instruments of the Vibrational Spectroscopies facilities are:

In the Middle Infrared (MIR – 2.5 – 25 μm)

  • 2 Nexus ThermoNicolet spectrometers with transmission and reflection measurement accessories (diffuse reflection, ATR diamond and Germanium at 45 ° angle, VarigATR Ge at variable angle 60-65 °).
    One spectrometer is coupled with a thermogravimetric balance (TA – Q50).
  • 1 Nicolet Continuμm Infrared Microscope allowing the identification of microparticles (pollution, inclusion …) or the characterization of multi-layers
  • 1 ReactIR 15 (Mettler Toledo) is a real-time, in situ mid-infrared based system.


  • RXN1 spectrometer (Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.) a Raman system equipped with Nd-YAG lasers (785 nm) dedicated to the monitoring of reaction processes using optical immersion probe with a sapphire window or a non-contact lens (Out of contact in aggressive, corrosive environments) to study kinetics, reaction intermediates. Ability to work in aqueous media.