The Prototypes, Maintenance and Metrology (PMM) department focuses on design and realization of prototypes and automation systems. It is able to take in charge all stages of development (or a part of them) ranging from design to manufacturing.
The PMM department has technical means: CAD electronic and mechanical design, Software development, Computer numerical control, 3D printer.
The PMM department has also a strong expertise in the field of Metrology and instrumentation, Electronics, Mechanical, Automation, Industrial data, Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry
The PMM department develops test means, research facilities, sampling devices, systems of physical quantities acquisition, controller housing, automation of manual operations, tubular furnaces (up to 1000 ° C), …, with coupled software.

The PMM department studies your request and evaluates its feasibility as well as its cost. It is able to support the realization of the prototype, or even a pre-production, by rolling out the design phases (plan, electronic card, sensor selection, software for data acquisition and processing) and manufacturing (electronics, machining Mechanical parts, welding, possible subcontracting, and assembly).

Recent achievments

  • New oxygen elemental analyzer for the determination of trace oxygen in fuel
  • Device used to prepare low-pressure gas samples for analysis
  • Carbon (Organic, Inorganic), Hydrogen, Nitrogen elemental analyzers
  • Measuring bench to test the efficiency of laboratory fume hoods

Contact: Catherine JOSE, PMM department leader – catherine.jose[@]