ISA hosts three NMR systems Bruker operating at 300, 400, 600 fitted with room-temperature probes and a 600 MHz Varian with cold-probe. The NMR systems are devoted to the analysis of organic molecules and biological macromolecules solutions including aqueous media. The instruments are located into two dedicated NMR halls of about 100 m2 in highly-regulated environments.

NMR facilities is open to ISA research teams and external, academic and industrial partners. The NMR know-how of the staff allow you to conduct :

  • Structural studies of organic molecules based on one dimensional and multidimensionnal NMR correlation spectroscopy using 1H, 15N, 13C, 19F, 31P radio-frequency channels and others with BBFO probe on 400 MHz.
  • Relaxation-rates measurements and STD experiments to study molecular interactions
  • Diffusion-ordered spectroscopy (DOSY or PFG-Diffusion NMR)
  • 3D heteronuclear experiments (HNCO, HNCA, HNCACB,…) to determine proteins structure

The high-sensitivity of the cold probe on 600 MHz allows 1H-13C correlation spectroscopy for ten’s microgram samples for organic molecules at natural abundance and less time consuming 2D and 3D heteronuclear experiments.

Studies can be done on the basis of a collaborative research, service or agreements for the use of equipment (for example we have a user agreement for ICL (Institut de Chimie de Lyon) members on NMR spectrometer Bruker 600 MHz made available by Rovaltain Foundation).

The ISA NMR facilities are linked to a preparative biochemistry platform as well as a High-Performance Calculations (HPC) and statistical data processing & analysis ressources.

Contact: Corinne Sangalr – corinne.sanglar[@]