The following are a few of the ISA HPC cluster contributions in collaborative projects providing data processing.

Ongoing projects

Which Atmospheric Nanoparticles Trigger hEatlh Diseases? – WANTED (2018-2021)
Funded by IDEXLYON under Scientific Breakthrough program
Coord. C. George (IRCELYON) – Consortium: Institut de recherches sur la catalyse et l’environnement de Lyon (IRCELYON), Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie (CIRI), Unité de recherche Inflammation et Immunité de l’Épithélium Respiratoire (PI3), Laboratoire Cardiovasculaire – Métabolisme – Diabétologie – Nutrition (CarMeN), Institut des Sciences Analytiques (ISA) (Y. Clement)
The interdisciplinary project WANTED aims to unravel how molecular constituents of the fine particles and respiratory pathogens potentiate their detrimental effects on human health.


PLAN-TOX – Proteomics and Lipidomics Approaches for understanding molecular mechanisms of environmental chemical toxicity in conjunction with lipid metabolism in Gammarus fossarum during reproduction cycle (dec. 2018 – dec. 2021)
Funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) under the Program Young Researchers (JCJC)
Coord. S. Ayciriex (ISA) – grant agreement ANR-18-CE34-0008 – summary on ANR website


Completed projects

ACTIPHEN – Antimicrobial plant phenolic compounds for food preservation (oct. 2014 – march 2019)
Funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), program Enjeux alimentaires
Coord. P. Degraeve (Laboratoire de Bioingénierie et Dynamique Microbienne aux Interfaces Alimentaires) – Consortium: Laboratoire de Bioingénierie et Dynamique Microbienne aux Interfaces Alimentaires, Laboratoire des Interactions Moléculaires et de la Réactivité Chimique et Photochimique, Institut des Sciences Analytiques, Nat’ex Biotech, Addikem
summary on ANR web site