Every day, a very large number of data, even big data, are produced in experimental sciences also particularly in analytical science. New approaches are required to collect, analyze and store such large data volumes.

At ISA, a High-Performance Computing cluster (HPC cluster), combining calculation servers and big data analysis, handles efficiently the data processing. The ISA HPC cluster includes thirty compute nodes under a Debian-based Linux distribution (Debian stretch 9) with software and dedicated services. (details on equipment page)

Thus, the ISA HPC cluster provides powerful tools for theoretical modeling, omic data analysis (LC-MS, GC-MS, DI-MS, NMR…), spectroscopic data analysis (IR, RAMAN, RAMAN imager…), QSAR / QSPR modeling … and valuable support for several projects (see projects page)

Contact: Yohann Clément – yohann.clement[@]isa-lyon.fr