The platform Specialy is constituted by:

  • an ICP MSMS Agilent 8800 used alone or coupled with a monodimensional Liquid Chromatography Agilent 1290, a Gas Chromatography Agilent 7890 or with the specific module for nanoparticle analysis
  • a bidimensional liquid chromatography Agilent 1290

ICP MSMS and its hyphenated techniques

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry is dedicated to elemental analysis. In the introduction system, the sample is transformed into an aerosol, then desolvated, atomized and ionized. Ionized elements are analyzed according to their mass-to-charge ratio in the mass spectrometer. The mass spectrometer of the ICP MSMS combines a first mass selective quadrupole, a collision / reaction cell with several possible gas modes and the quadrupole analyzer. This technology eliminates interferences (major analytical problem in ICP MS) efficiently while maintaining a very good sensitivity up to a few ppt.

The use of the ICP alone enables the determination of the total concentration of an element. The coupling with chromatographic techniques, LC or GC, allows the analysis of the different species of an element which is called Speciation. With a specific software module, the ICP MS also allows the analysis, in term of size and concentration, of nanoparticles containing a metallic element. The originality of the platform Specialy lies in the multi-mode use of the device.

Some examples of applications are shown below.

Access to the platform is prioritized on research and development topics. Support can be provided in different ways depending on the type of collaboration.

Contact: Linda Ayouni – linda.ayouni[@]


Acknowledgements to the Chemistry Institute of Lyon for the funding of the ICP, GC, nanoparticles module and organic kit.