The IdBIORIV project is funded by the French National Research Agency within the call of proposals “Hospital-University Health Research” under the Program “Investments for the Future”

The IdBIORIV project, led by Professor Vandenesch of CIRI (Inserm U1111, UMR5308, CNRS ENS Lyon, UCBL) and Professor Jérôme Lemoine of ISA (UMR 5280, CNRS, UCBL) and coordinated by the Hospices Civils de Lyon, will develop new ultrafast diagnostic tools for bacterial infections. The IdBIORIV project aims to detect in less than an hour the resistance and virulence of bacteria, which will bring a considerable gain in the clinical treatment procedure. The project IdBIORIV received a funding of 5.7 million euros.

Further information on: Civil Hospitals of Lyon web site (download Press release in French Language) and on the LabEx ECOFET web site (in English or French Language)