The aim of this event is to provide a forum for high-level discussion between physicists, chemists and biologists working in industry and in academia. This exchange should provide a way to update academic researchers on the current challenges in the use of NMR in an industrial context, and at the same time to update industrial researchers on the latest developments in high-field equipment and techniques available in a handful of NMR platforms.

Overview lectures given by academic researchers will alternate with short presentations by those working in an industrial setting. Several sessions, directed towards a wide audience, will cover the themes of life sciences and health; metabolism, diagnosis, prevention and toxicology; catalysis, sustainable development, and energy; polymers; scientific products and instrumentation.

The high-field facilities and the areas of expertise (chemistry, biology, and medicine) of the French NMR laboratories, and particularly the ones in Rhône-Alpes, will be presented and confronted with the expectations and motivations of industrial partners.

The day “Very-high field NMR and industrial problems” will be held at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, June 16, 2016 –  Further information:

Registration free-of-charge (including the lunch buffet and the coffee breaks) –  the number of places is limited.