ISA researchers and their partners from INRAE, ICSN, LBM, MPI-CBG decipher the lipidome of G. fossarum for the first time unveiling the diversity and dynamics in lipid composition. They also discover sulfate-based lipids in hepatopancreas epithelium in G. fossarum by SIMS imaging.
Shotgun lipidomics and mass spectrometry imaging unveil diversity and dynamics in lipid composition in Gammarus fossarum Fu T., Knittelfelder O., Geffard O., Clément Y., Testet E., Elie N., Touboul D., Abbaci K., Shevchenko A., Lemoine J., Chaumot A., Salvador A., Degli-Esposti D., Ayciriex S.* iScience, 2021 DOI:10.1016/j.isci.2021.102115 – * Corresponding author

Further information (in french language) on University Lyon 1 and CNRS INC websites.