The Institute of Analytical Science is affiliated with the graduate school of chemistry at university of Lyon (ED 206) directed by Prof. S. Daniele.
Currently, 55 PhD students from all around the world do their doctoral thesis at ISA. The institute also hosts PhD students within the frame of research staff exchange programs as well as master students for their internships.
PhD students are highly involved in the research groups. They are funded by ministerial grants as well as public/private fundings within the frame of projects at national or european scale (e.g. ANR, EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, CIFRE thesis, industrial contracts…). PhD students are encouraged to participate both in national and international conferences, to publish into the most relevant and recognized peer-review journals, as well as to contribute to patents or creation of start-up.

ISA faculty members are involved in undergraduate (Licence and Master) teaching at the university Lyon 1 (UCBL) and the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon (ENS) (e.g. ATOSIM Erasmus Mundus Master’s program), as well as at « Engineering » schools (Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire Lyon 1, CPE Lyon). Moreover, ISA staff members are responsible of two master programs detailed hereinafter.

  • The «Master in Analytical Chemistry»
    This master program aims to train Laboratory scientists in the area of physico-chemical analysis for a broad range of industries. It is the only Master in France that combines both a research and vocational program by training through research. The Master has 60 students per year who choose between the following three profiles in the second year i) Physico-Chemical Analysis ii) Industrial Analysis iii) Forensic science. The Director is Jérôme Randon. Claire Demesmay is responsible of the M2 Physico-Chemical Analysis and Nicole Gilon-Delépine for the M2 Industrial Analysis. ISA faculty members are involved in 19 modules of this master program.
    The master program has obtained the Euromaster label. It also contributes to the Erasmus Mundus program Excellence in Analytical Chemistry. The world-class competitiveness cluster Axelera (Environment and Chemistry) also labeled this program.
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  • The “vocational Master in Chemistry, option Formulation and industrial chemistry”
    Pierre Lantéri and Claire Bordes designed it during the transformation to the LMD system and now directed this master program. Formulation is an increasingly and pluridisciplinary activity in many sectors such as chemistry, pharmaceutics, materials, cosmetics, agriculture…. The Masters program is structured so as to propose a high-level curriculum corresponding to the needs for jobs in both R&D as well as production. ISA staff is highly involved for modules, teach, or follow practical sessions in the program.
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