Emmanuelle LEBEAU

PhD student




Emmanuelle Lebeau is currently a PhD student under the supervision of the ISA deputy director Emmanuelle Vulliet and the research engineer Gaëlle Daniele. Her research is focused on the development of methods for the determination of the impacts of different emerging pollutants on the metabolism of a model species, the three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus).
The aim of this study is to provide new biomarkers using an untargeted screening (LC-HR-MS/MS) of the metabolism after exposure to various pharmaceuticals.
With this in mind, she works on developing a process to enhance the extraction of metabolites comparing the whole organism and the individual organs of the species.
The biggest challenge of this project is to develop an effective process to assess the effects of the pollutants on the whole organism and also the individual organs.
No untargeted metabolomic studies have previously been reported for the stickleback, despite a greater literature on its biology and the targeted screening of this species exposed to various stressors such as metals, pharmaceuticals…


In 2015, after a three-year education program at the University of Paris Descartes (V), she obtained a bachelor degree with honours in biomedical sciences. Then, two years later, in 2017 she obtained a master’s degree in ecotoxicology specialised in the aquatic field at the University of Paris Diderot (VII). During her master’s degree, she spent one year in Melbourne, Australia. The first time at the University of Melbourne associated with CAPIM (Centre for Aquatic Pollution, Identification and Management) working on the impacts of various natural stressors on a freshwater shrimp species, supervised by Dr. Claudette Kellar and Dr. Vincent Pettigrove. And the second time at the University of Melbourne associated with BIO21) working on the effects of heavy metals on an estuarine amphipod species using GC-MS, supervised by Dr. Sara Long and Dr. Allyson O’Brien.
She has now started to both work at the University of Reims under the supervision of Dr. Alain Geffard and the ISA Lyon under the supervision of Dr. Emmanuelle Vulliet and Dr. Gaëlle Daniele, for her PhD.


Untargeted screening, LC-HR-MS/MS, three-spined stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus, pharmaceuticals, metabolites, biomarkers


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