Stable isotope investigations are widely used to trace and understand biological or industrial processes. The Isotopic & Organic Group carries out innovative developments using stable isotopes measurements (2H/1H, 13C/12C, 15N/14N and 18O/16O) in different research programs with industrials and/or academic organisms. Analyzes are performed on gases (CO2, N2, H2, CO) using Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers (IRMS) by Bulk Stable Isotope Analysis (BSIA) or Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA). By BSIA, samples are previously turned into gas by combustion or pyrolysis reaction using an elemental analyzer linked to IRMS (EA-C/P-IRMS). By CSIA, targeted molecules are separated on Gas Chromatography or Liquid Chromatography prior to the combustion/ pyrolysis or oxidation process and the isotopic determination is done on the IRMS (GC-C/P-IRMS, LC-IRMS)
The main application fields are : natural products authenticity assessment, biobased content (determination of the biomass content), environmental or ecological research projects, health issues.

The Isotopic & Organic Platform is also involved in the field of isotopic labelling protocols used to determine the fate or enriched molecules in dedicated environments. This approach is usually undertaken in laboratory tests.

Moreover the organic elementary approach (%C, %H, %N , %O and %S ) in the range from traces to high levels are also taken into account in different matrices: organic, inorganic, refractory compounds…

The Isotopic & Organic Group is involved in different research projects (see the projects page). The groups achieves also methods development and handles analytical services to both public and private research centres or analytical device in collaboration with the Metrology and Prototype Plateform.

Recent highlights

  • An isotopic approach for the assessment of the origin of squalene and squalene widely used in cosmetic products: differentiation between shark animal origin and olive vegetal origin. Investigations were achieved on pure squalane (2010), cosmetic cream (2011). A worldwide study about commercial creams was realized in 2015 in collaboration with Bloom Association NGO.
  • The team develops a new oxygen elemental analyzer for the determination of trace oxygen in fuel (2015)
  • The Isotopic& Organic platform is the French leader committed in the European project FP7 KBBE OPEN BIO (November 2013-october 2016, 14 partners, 6 M€) dedicated to obtain procurement on Biobased products

Contact: Patrick JAME , Group leader – patrick.jame[@]