Multidimensional approaches for complex samples

Biological Analysis by    Mass Spectrometry

The discovery and the validation of new biomarkers raise many both analytical and instrumental challenges that ANABIO-MS group aims to tackle

Chromatography & Hyphenated Techniques

The group develops chromatographic techniques from analytical to preparative scale, with a view to push the limits in terms of both separation power and sensitivity

Natural & Bio-based Products

The group develops large databases and comprehensive multi-technique analyses for the identification and authentication of natural and bio-based products


The group investigates the behavior of organic micro-pollutants with both targeted and untargeted analytical methods applied to environmental and health issues

Theoretical and experimental approaches for molecular interactions

Biomolecular Interactions

The group investigates all kind of molecules in solution and focuses on the interaction of biomolecules as well as polymer characterization by NMR

Chemometrics and Theoretical Chemistry

The research activities of the group are mainly based on chemometrics and/or computational chemistry methods through the use of a large number of modeling tools

Surface and Miniaturisation for Analytical Research And Technology

Interfaces & Biosensors

The group focuses on the conception and elaboration of biofunctionnalized microdevices for biosensing , medical diagnosis and therapeutic applications

Micro  &  Nanobiotechnology

Using nanobioscience, micro & nanotechnology, electrical engineering, and applied physics the group develops biosensors and unconventional micro & nanotechnologies

Separative Methods

The group develops separation methodologies to tackle characterization of complex samples within the fields of environment, health, nuclear and industrial analysis


The group works on control of surface physico-chemical properties using a large set of surface analysis and surface modification techniques