The group is involved in the following project funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and an research staff exchange program with INRAP and the University of Monastir in Tunisia. It also contributes to several other collaborative projects with academics or private partners.
The group used to have collaboration with the research unité MALY from IRSTEA, the Insitute of Nanotechnologies of Lyon (INL), IRCELyon, the CEA…

Funded projects through call for proposals

POTOMAC – Potential Toxicity of pesticides in Continental Aquatic Environments
Funded by ANR, program CESA – Duration: 42 months from march 2012 to sept. 2015
Partners: UR MALY – IRSTEA (N. Mazella coordinator), UR REBX – IRSTEA, UMR CARRTEL – INRA, UMR 5805 EPOC, UMR 5280 – Institute of Analytical Science (ISA)
summary on ANR web site

Photochemical grafting and development of analytical applications
Funded by CMCU (Tunisian part) France Campus (French part)- PHC Utique – Research staff exchange program
Tunisian partners: Laboratory Methods and Analysis Techniques – INRAP, Interfaces and Advanced Materials Laboratory – University of Monastir
French partners : Laboratory of Automatic Control and Chemical Engineering – UMR 5007, Institute of Analytical Science – UMR 5280

Other collaborative projects

  • Monolith as promising tools for highly complex separation of pharmaceutical compounds – collaboration with Servier
  • Hyphenation of cIEF-MS with immobilized carrier ampholytes – collaboration with the Institute of organic chemistry and biochemistry at Prague in Czech Republic
  • Development of GC systems for industrial analysis and laboratory analysis – collaboration with the Lyon Institute of non-carbon energy and eco-technologies (IDEEL)
  • Analysis of 14C, 129I, 36Cl in nuclear fuel – collaboration with the CEA
  • Lab-on-chip for volumetric determination of free acidity in nuclear solutions – collaboration with the CEA
  • NanoLC separations for the analysis of post petroleum fuels – collaboration with the IFPEN
  • Chiral separation on monolith – collaboration with the University of Rouen
  • Molecular Imprinted Polymer on capillary silica monolith – collaboration with the University of Orleans
  • Prediabetic signature from adipokines – collaboration with the Carmen laboratory INSERM-INSA Lyon and the INL

Note: the liste above only contains non confidential and ongoing projects