We are interested by talented students who want to join our institute through an competition to obtain PhD funding.
Further information on the recruitment process available on the web site of the graduate school in chemistry: https://www.edchimie-lyon.fr/contrats/modalites-de-recrutement.html

Applications (CV and cover letter) should be addressed to the contact (see below).
The subjects open at ISA are:

Revolutionizing blood stream infection diagnosis: multiplexed targeted assay by mass spectrometry to unveil bacterial antibiotic resistance profile and predict resistance level
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: Jérôme Lemoine

Structural and functional investigation of SilE, a molecular regulator involved in bacterial silver resistance using NMR
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact:Maggy Hologne

Weak Affinity Chromatography (WAC) coupled to Mass Spectrometry (TOF-MS) for drug discovery
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact:Vincent Dugas

Surface engineering (analysis, modification, micro- & nanostructuration) to obtain multimaterial arrays on metals for applications in photonics (metamaterials)
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: Didier LéonardFrançois Bessueille

Understanding the inherent plasticity of proteins containing intrinsically disordered segments: An innovative hybrid approach
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: Olivier Walker

Large-Scale Analysis of Global Chemical Collections for Research on the Therapeutic Inhibition of Human Peroxyredoxins
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: Jean-Marc Lancelin

New high resolution multi-spectroscopic approach to improve traceability of bio-based products
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: Nicole Gilon-Delepine –  Nadia Baskali-Bouregaa

Online hyphenation of reversed-phase liquid chromatography (RPLC) and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) for comprehensive on-line two-dimensional analysis of neutral compounds in complex samples
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: Karine Faure

Novel Synthetic Approaches to Probe RNA Structure and Dynamics at Atomic Resolution
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: Carole Chaix (ISA UMR 5280) – Loïc Salmon (CRMN FRE 2034)

Méthodologies innovantes pour la déformulation, étude de la composition d’extraits de métabolites secondaires actifs issus de plantes aromatiques et médicinales
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: Hervé Casabianca

Design of a microneedle biosensor array for minimally-invasive transdermal detection of drug addiction biomarkers
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: Joëlle Saulnier

Development of Bio-Electronic Nose for breath analysis: Application in breast cancer
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: Abdelhammid Errachid El SalhiNadia Zine Loukili

Développement de nez-électronique à base de silicium pour la surveillance de la pollution atmosphérique
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: Abdelhammid Errachid El SalhiGuy Raffin