We are interested by talented students who want to join our institute through an competition to obtain PhD funding.
Applications (CV and cover letter) should be addressed to the contact (see below)

Further information on the recruitment process on the web site of the graduate school in chemistry : https://www.edchimie-lyon.fr/contrats/modalites-de-recrutement.html

The subjects open at ISA are:

Contribution of hyphenated CE / ICP-MS in the study of proteins involved in neurodegenerative diseases
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: agnes.hagege@isa-lyon.fr

Numerical and experimental approaches for the study of human peroxiredoxins inhibition by natural and synthetic catechols
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts:  florence.guilliere@isa-lyon.fr or jean-marc.lancelin@isa-lyon.fr

New strategy for rapid and reliable identification of pathogens directly from blood culture samples by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desoption/Ionization-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: carole.chaix@isa-lyon.fr or jerome.lemoine@isa-lyon.fr

Surface engineering (analysis, modification, micro- & nanostructuration) to obtain multimaterial arrays on metals for application in photonics
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: francois.bessueille@isa-lyon.fr or didier.leonard@isa-lyon.fr

Polymeric materials for the activation and storage of constrat agents for MRI. Materials Chemistry
Project presentation (pdf file – French-language version) – Contact: sami.jannin@isa-lyon.fr

Development of integrated multi-omic approaches by targeted LC-MS/MS
Project presentation (pdf file – French-language version) – Contacts: arnaud.salvador@isa-lyon.fr or sophie.ayciriex@isa-lyon.fr

New high resolution multi-spectroscopic approach to improve traceability of food products
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: Nicole.delepinegilon@isa-lyon.fr or nadia.baskali-bouregaa@isa-lyon.fr

Non-invasive epidermal sensor arrays for state of health monitoring
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: florence.lagarde@isa-lyon.fr

Design of a microneedle biosensor array for minimally-invasive transdermal detection of drug addiction biomarkers
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: joelle.saulnier@isa-lyon.fr

Structure and dynamics of metal ion transporters using solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance at high field and fast magic angle spinning
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: guido.pintacuda@isa-lyon.fr

Development of bio-electronic nose for breath analysis: application in breast cancer
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: abdelhamid.errachid@isa-lyon.fr  or nadia.zine@isa-lyon.fr