In a public-private partnership with an innovation company located in Lyon, France, a 18-month post-doctoral position is offered at Institut des Sciences Analytiques (ISA) within the Biomolecular Interactions group INTERACT  to develop protocols of molecular dynamics and metadynamics to help the design of high-affinity protein ligands, including efficient enzyme inhibitors.
The group and the company have a long-term experience in the affinity analysis using NMR and the chemical synthesis of protein ligands. We expended recently our equipment with dedicated cluster of CPU’s and 15 GPU’s available on site. The successful candidate will optimally have a strong background in computational physical chemistry or physical biochemistry and interest in innovative medicinal chemistry projects.

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Deadline for application: June 30th, 2017

All inquiries and applications to :
Prof. Jean-Marc Lancelin
Institut des Sciences Analytiques
5, rue de la Doua F-69100 Villeurbanne
Tel +33 04 37 42 35 46

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