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October 22, 2019 – Lecture by David Touboul

David Touboul, CNRS Researcher from the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles (ISCN, will give a lecture entitled “Nouvelles approches de chromatographie et spectrométrie de masse pour la déréplication de mélanges complexes” the 22th October 2019 at ISA (10:30 to 11:30 – Conference room – no required registration for attending the conference)

La chimie des produits […]

September 26th, 2019|

October 1st, 2019 – Lecture by Loïc Charbonnière

Loïc Charbonnière, CNRS Researcher, (IPHC UMR 7178 – CNRS Université de Strasbourg) will give a lecture entitled “Quelques aspects de l’utilisation d’ions lanthanides luminescents pour l’analyse et l’imagerie” the 1st October 2019 at ISA (10:00 to 11:00 – Conference room)

September 16th, 2019|

ISEO 2019 – Best poster award for Aurélien CUCHET, PhD student at ISA

Aurélien CUCHET awarded at ISEO2019 Congress held in Vienna, Austria on September 09-11, 2019 for best Poster entitled “Authentication of the naturalness of wintergreen (Gaultheria genus) essential oils by gas chromatography, isotope ratio mass spectrometry and radiocarbon assessment”

September 16th, 2019|

September 24, 2019 – Lecture by Frédéric Debeaufort

Prof. Frédéric Debeaufort from université de Bourgogne (UMR PAM Univ bourgogne – AgroSup) will give a lecture entitled “Edible bioactive packaging film properties, composition and processing : a feasible solution for tomorrow’s packaging ?” the 24th September 2019 at ISA (14:00 to 15:00 – conference room)

September 16th, 2019|

September 3rd, 2019 – thesis defence by Sylvain MINOT

Thesis defence by Sylvain MINOT “Benefit of surface analysis in understanding the mechanisms of application of an innovative dry surface treatment of natural fibres (fluorine gas technology)” on the 3rd September 2019, 2 pm (UCBL Library amphitheater)

September 2nd, 2019|