former ISA Director (2014-2017)
work phone: 0437423600


Nathalie Schildknecht graduated  from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSC Lille) in 1981. In parallel, she obtained a Masters degree in Spectroscopy, at the university of Lille (LASIR – UST Lille). Her PhD research focused on the characterization of carotenoids by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and was completed in the LASIR Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Claude MERLIN (LASIR – UST Lille).

In 1983 she started to work at the IFP (now IFP Energies Nouvelles), a public-sector research, innovation and training center active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. At first she was responsible for the vibrational spectrometry and UV-Visible laboratory at IFP Rueil-Malmaison, France (Physics and Analysis Department, 1983-2000). She managed the 10-people laboratory involved in the development of tools and analytical strategies in vibrational and electronic spectrometry in the upstream and downstream oil fields as well as the development of on-line Raman for advanced process control. She wanted also to develop her knowledge in optics and photonics and obtained a Masters degree in this field, at the university of Orsay in 1988. (Université Paris-Sud) 

She moved in Lyon in 2003 and became the Head of the “Elementary and petroleum analysis” Department (2003-2009) and then the Head of the “Product characterization” Department (2009-2013) at the IFPEN Lyon. These departments (respectively 30 and 50 people) were invested in basic and industrial research and analytical services. In addition to her managerial and scientific responsibilities, Nathalie Schildknecht was in charge of varied missions: standardization monitoring (2000), quality certification project (2003-2008 – certification ISO9001 obtained), animation of groups to increase the experimental efficiency.

In 2014, she decided to take up a new professional challenge and became the Director of the Institute of Analytical Science (ISA). The ISA, a joint research unit (UMR 5280) affiliated to the CNRS, the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the Ecole Normale Superieure at Lyon, was created in 2011, as a result of the merge of three laboratories (CRMN, LSA, SCA).  The Institute of Analytical Sciences is one of the largest European centers of research, training and expertise in this field. 

Nathalie Schildknecht is the author of 28 articles in international journals, 9 invited talks, 1 patent and 40 research reports for IFPEN. She managed several research projects (eg. in the fields of petroleum products, 2003-2012, in the field of biomass characterization in 2013) and she supervised 18 PhD/postdoctoral fellow students and 2 HDR (Accreditation to supervise research) at IFPEN. She is expert for the HCERES and the ANR