PhD student
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Alexandre Guironnet is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Dr.Emmanuelle Vulliet and Laure Wiest, research engineer. His research is focused on the development of chromatographic methods for the detection and quantification of veterinary antibiotics and biocides in solid environmental matrices such as sewage sludge, using LC-MS/MS. Three different antibiotic classes will be considered: aminoglycosides, penicillin and polymixins.These classes were selected due to their challenging analytical nature, regarding both analysis and sample preparation. Furthermore, sewage sludge is a very complex matrix, thus extraction procedures will be thoroughly experimented.


Alexandre Guironnet graduated in 2018 from both the École Supérieure de Chimie Physique Électronique (CPE Lyon engineer diploma (MSc) in chemistry – process engineering) and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Master degree in analytical chemistry).
He worked in 2016-2017 during one year in the United Kingdom for Syngenta, an agrochemical company, in their Research and Development Centre and did his 6 months master final project from March to September 2018 in the Isotopic and Organic platform at ISA before starting his doctoral studies under the supervision of Emmanuelle Vulliet in the “Technology and Research in Analytical Chemistry for Environment, health and their interactions” team


Antibiotics, environment, sample prep, LC-MS/MS


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