Currently, the group is involved in several projects, one is confidential.
The group has collaborations with The Automation and Process Engineering Laboratory (LAGEP UMR 5007), the Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers and Processes Laboratory (UMR 5265), The Institute of Light and Matter, the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), University of Laval (Québec-Canada), the laboratory of theoretical & computational Chemistry (universty of Chile)…

Funded projects through call for proposals

ACTIPHEN – Antimicrobial plant phenolic compounds for food preservation
Funded by ANR, program Enjeux alimentaires
Duration: 54 months from oct. 2014 to march 2019
Partners: Laboratoire de Bioingénierie et Dynamique Microbienne aux Interfaces Alimentaires (BioDyMIA UCBL-ISARA n°3733 – P. Degraeve coordinator), Laboratoire des Interactions Moléculaires et de la Réactivité Chimique et Photochimique (IMRCP – University Paul Sabatier), Institute of Analytical Science (ISA – UMR 5280), Nat’ex Biotech, Addikem
summary on ANR web site

NanoChrom – Nanoparticules comme nouvelles phases stationnaires pour l’électrochromatographie sur microsystème jetable : du canal ouvert au canal rempli
Funded by ANR, program JCJC (Young Researchers)
Duration: 48 months from january 2012 to december 2015
Partner: UMR 5280 – Institute of Analytical Science (ISA) – coordination: K. Faure
summary on ANR web site

GENOBASE – Développeent de modèle QSAR/QSPR de Génotoxité
Funded by INSERM
Partners: Institute of Analytical Science (ISA – UMR 5280), resp. C. Morell

Note: the list above only contains non confidential and ongoing projects