Ongoing projects funded through call for proposals


ACHILE – Assessing CHILdren Exposure to environmental chemicals Further information on ANR web site
Funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), under program APR Accueil de Chercheur de Haut Niveau – grant agreement – Duration: 36 months, 2016 – 2019

Coordination: Institute of Analytical Science – UMR 5280.

Objective: The project primary sets out to develop and apply innovative analytical methodologies using mass spectrometry based on target and non-target analysis to determine the level, frequency and profile of environmental exposure during period of children development in France.



ACTIONS – Etude de l’impact d’Agents de ConTraste Iodés sur deux OrgaNismes aquatiqueS modèles par des approches métabolomiques et métallomiquesFurther information on ANSES web site
Funded by the Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail (ANSES), under program PNREST – grant agreement n°2018/1/222- Duration: 40 months, 2018 – 2022

Coordination: Institute of Analytical Science – UMR 5280

Partners: Institute of Analytical Science – UMR 5280 (coordination), IPREM UMR 5254, UMR I-02 SEBIO INERIS/Reims University

Objective: The aim of the project is to acquire first data on two iodinated contrast agents’ global effects on two model aquatic organisms. Based on exposures of a mollusk and a fish at environmental concentrations of both iodinated contrast agents, the iodine speciation and repartition into the organisms will be performed (by elementary imaging and metallomic approach) together with bioaccumulation studies. The effects of these compounds onto the organisms’ metabolome will be addressed by HRMS (High Resolution Mass Spectrometry).


FROG – Functional Responses Of Groundwater ecosystems to managed aquifer recharge in urban area Further information on FROG web site
Funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), (id. ANR-16-CE32-0006) Duration: 42 months, 2017 – 2021

Coordination: Laboratoire d’Ecologie des Hydrosystèmes Naturels et Anthropisés – UMR 5023
Objective : Study the consequences of groundwater recharge through runoff onto underground ecosystems’ functioning and water resources quality


PLASTOC – Plastic additives: study of the potential risk for cancer development through the evaluation of pharmacodynamics, accumulation and mechanisms in endocrine tissuesFurther information on INSERM web site

Funded by ITMO Cancer – Aviesan and INCa, under program Plan Cancer Environnement – grant agreement n° (funds managment by Inserm) – Duration: 60 months, 2014 – 2019

Partners: Institute of Analytical Science – UMR 5280 (coordination), Cancer Research Centre of Lyon –  The Lyon Civic Hospital (HCL)


RESCAPE-Resistance of agricultural landscapes to pesticide transfers in soils and living organisms 

Funded by ONEMA, under program Plan Ecophyto – grant agreement n°  – Duration: 36 months, 2015 – 2018

Partners: Unit Pessac UR251 INRA (coordination),  Unit Environnement et grandes Cultures, Unit Chrono-Environnement – UMR 6249, Centre d’Etude Biologiques de Chizé – UPR 1934, Unit CITERES – UMR7324, Institute of Analytical Science – UMR 5280
Objective to be soon added