Axis research is dedicated to the development of state of the art plasmas to perform innovative spectroscopies and surface modifications.

Two research groups are involved: the “Plasma Spectroscopies, Hyphenated methods and Speciation” group and part of the activities of the “Surfaces” group.

Laser induced spectroscopy (LIBS) and inductively coupled plasma spectrometry (ICP) are developed to perform fast analysis and trace element analysis in the former, while in the latter, various plasma treatments (RF, MW,…) are optimized for original surface modification protocols including a specific effort on sub-micrometer patterning and depositions using soft lithography techniques.


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Plasma spectroscopies, hyphenated methods & speciation

The Applied spectroscopies group evaluates and develops spectroscopic tools and their hyphenations. Two main fields of research are investigated : speciation methods and laser assisted spectroscopy whose applications are related to process control, sustainable chemistry and environmental issues. Our work in laser assisted spectroscopy is mainly dedicated to: Instrumental and strategy developments, such as calibration […]



Key research effort of the group is the control of surface physico-chemical properties using a large set of surface analysis (spectroscopy, microscopy, wettability) and surface modification (a.o. micro-nanostructuration) techniques. Original methodologies are developed including the application of various soft-lithography techniques for high resolution and high density 2D and 3D patterns. Development of surface analysis methodologies […]