The group NMR Methods for Metabolism develops a multi-disciplinary approach that combines development of state-of-the art NMR spectroscopic methods, statistical strategies for metabolomics NMR data analysis and applications of the metabolomics approach to functional and medical biology pertaining to cancer research, epidemiology and infectiology.

To achieve our objectives for molecular fingerprinting of model organisms and diseases, our research focuses on:

  • The development of new NMR strategies for metabolomics: NMR methods for the study of complex metabolite mixtures (HR-MAS for whole organism spectroscopy, projection spectroscopy in complex biofluids, methods for automated identifications of metabolites)
  • Novel statistical approaches for analysing NMR metabolomics datasets (batch calibration methods, analysis of variability in large datasets for molecular epidemiology, etc…)
  • Specific applications: our developments of non-invasive NMR metabolomics are mainly applied to functional genomics, biomedical and clinical studies (in particular cancer studies), i.e. phenotyping and identification of metabolic changes related to disease, treatment and toxicity for the diagnosis, prognosis, and management of patients.

Recent highlights

  • Identification of coordinated metabolic serum changes associated with advanced metastatic breast cancer in comparison to the localized early disease
  • Investigation of sources of variability in metabolomic data in the European Prospective Investigation on Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC): the Principal Component Partial R-square (PC-PR2) method

Contact: Dr. Bénédicte ELENA-HERRMANN, Group leader –