The Institute for Analytical Sciences hosts joint platforms : CISMALY, SURFALY and a 600 MHz NMR funded by the Rovaltain fondation which is available for the NMR users from the Lyon Chemistry Institute as well as its own R&D and service facilities

CISMALY – SURFALY – ‘Rovalatain’ 600 MHz NMR

The Interdisciplinary Center in Mass Spectrometry at Lyon (CISMALY)


The Interdisciplinary Center in Mass Spectrometry at Lyon (CISMALY) is an open platform for research, service, consulting and training in mass spectrometry. CISMALY is hosted in the ISA’s buildings.
Created by members of the units ILM and ISA, this platform is labelled and funded in part by the research federation “Institute of Chemistry of Lyon” (ICL).
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R&D and service facilities at the Institute

The Isotopic & Organic Platform


Stable isotope investigations are widely used to trace and understand biological or industrial processes. The Isotopic & Organic Platform carries out innovative developments using stable isotopes measurements (2H/1H, 13C/12C, 15N/14N and 18O/16O) in different research programs with industrials and/or academic organisms.
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The Prototypes, Maintenance and Metrology (PMM) service


The Prototypes, Maintenance and Metrology (PMM) service is an original service at the Institute focuses on design and realization of prototypes and automation systems. It is able to take in charge all stages of development (or a part of them) ranging from design to manufacturing.
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The Vibrational spectroscopies Platform

Infrared and Raman spectroscopies are analytical methods providing information on the molecular structure of materials.They are related and complementary techniques with a broad scope and several key advantages : non-destructive, requiring few material (<2mg), accessible to all types of samples (liquids, powder, block, deposits, sample within a micrometric scale -Micro FT-IR), achievable on organic and inorganic compounds… In addition vibrational spectroscopies are used in a wide range of applications… Read more …