The two groups of this axis develop new methods in mass spectrometry and hyphenated technologies applied to health and environment research fields, as well as their interactions.
The group ANABIO-MS deals with qualitative and quantitative analyses involving organic, bio-organic and macromolecular molecules (e.g. proteins), structural analysis of peptides, proteins and aggregation mechanisms identification of biomarkers for clinical use or ecotoxicology. It develops hardware and software technologies with strong interest in high resolution mass spectrometry, coupled with ion mobility-mass spectrometry or visible laser photo-dissociation.
The group Traces focuses on traces and ultra-traces analyses of organic micro-pollutants, their metabolites and by-products in environmental matrices by targeted or untargeted methods. It develops and optimizes all the steps of the analytical protocol aiming the lowest detection limits. Biological fluids are also investigated by combination of both targeted and non-targeted analytical strategies to tackle the understanding of health and environment interactions.
Moreover, to achieve this objective, the groups develop together the simultaneous quantification of protein biomarkers and small molecules.

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Biological Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

Biomarkers can be used to detect a change in the physiological state of a patient that correlates with the risk or progression of a disease (eg. Alzheimer’s disease) and/or to assess chemical exposure and the cumulative, adverse effects of toxicants in ecotoxicology. The discovery and the validation of new biomarkers raise many both analytical and […]

Technology and Research in Analytical Chemistry for Environment, health and their interactions

The group investigates the behavior of organic micro-pollutants with both targeted and untargeted analytical methods applied to environmental and health issues. It also aims to contribute to the understanding of Environment & Health interactions (exposome) and human exposure. To fit these objectives, we develop: Innovative methods for the quantification of trace and ultra-trace of contaminants, […]