Currently, there is one project funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and some industrial contracts which are listed herinafter.
The group have collaborations with the Department of Chemistry from both the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Aveido, with the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences from both University of Geneva well as with industrial partner such IFPEN or Rousselet Robatel, a french instrumental supplier …

Funded projects through call for proposals

NanoChrom – Nanoparticules comme nouvelles phases stationnaires pour l’électrochromatographie sur microsystème jetable : du canal ouvert au canal rempli
Funded by ANR, program JCJC (Young Researchers)
Duration: 48 months from january 2012 to december 2015
Partner: UMR 5280 – Institute of Analytical Science (ISA) – coordination: K. Faure
summary on ANR web site

Other collaborative projects

  • SFC of bio-oils – contract with IFPEN (oct. 2014 – sep. 2017), resp. S. Heinisch
  • Separation of intact proteins – contract with Rousselet Robatel (oct. 2014 – oct. 2017), resp. K. Faure
  • LCxLC of biomass products – contract with IFPEN (oct. 2013 – sept. 2016), resp. S. Heinisch
  • contract with Solvay (apr. 2014 – dec. 2014), resp. S. Heinisch
  • Study of the scale-up and transfer from lab to industry – contract with Rousselet Robatel (oct. 2012 – oct. 2015), resp. K. Faure
  • Development of prototypes – contract with Rousselet Robatel (sept. 2012 – sept. 2015), resp. K. Faure

Note: the liste above only contains non confidential and ongoing projects