We are interested by talented students who want to join our institute through an competition to obtain PhD funding.
Applications (CV and cover letter) should be addressed to the contact (see below) until April 30, 2017

The subjects open at ISA are:

Comprehensive characterization of complex samples by multi-dimensional chromatography
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: sabine.heinisch@isa-lyon.fr

Analytical exploration correlating HPC molecular dynamics and NMR of the catalytic cycle of human peroxiredoxins involved in neuro-cardiology diseases and other disorders to provide a novel basis for drug design
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: jean-marc.lancelin@isa-lyon.fr

Surface Enhanced NMR Spectroscopy and applications to Materials Sciences
Project presentation (pdf file)Project presentation (pdf file in French language) – Contact: anne.lesage@isa-lyon.fr

Adaptation and virulence of Staphylococcus Aureus : probing the plasticity of the genome by targeted mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: fabien.chirot@isa-lyon.fr

Development of the new MRI tracers
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: sami.jannin@isa-lyon.fr

Hyphenated capillary electrophoresis/ICP-MS : a new alternative in pharmacology
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: agnes.hagege@isa-lyon.fr

Development of ultrasensitive biosensors based on electrospun composite nanofibers
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: florence.lagarde@isa-lyon.fr or joelle.saulnier@isa-lyon.fr

An innovative pre-concentration device for protein detection by MALDI ToF MS
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: carole.chaix@isa-lyon.fr

Development of new high resolution soft lithography* approaches based on non-standard materials (bio-sourced ; vapour phase…) to obtain 3D micro-nano-structures 3D and applications to localized metallisation
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contacts: francois.bessueille@isa-lyon.fr or didier.leonard@isa-lyon.fr

Development of UPGC (Ultra Performance Gas Chromatography) with monolithic capillary columns
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: jerome.randon@isa-lyon.fr

Methodological development aiming at the dynamical characterization of intrinsically disordered protein segments
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: olivier.walker@isa-lyon.fr

Nouvelle approche multi-spectroscopique haute résolution pour l’identification et l’évaluation de l’origine d’échantillons naturels
Project presentation (pdf file) – Contact: nicole.gilon@isa-lyon.fr

Further information on the recruitment process soon on the web site of the graduate school in chemistry (french language)